Garden Tours
Garden Club and Special Group Tours: 

Wollam gardens is happy to show off our 11 acres of flowers.  Anyone is welcome to wander around our farm and purchase flowers any day, however, if a large group wants to see and hear about our operation, please schedule in advance so that Bob is here to lead a tour.  Here is what we offer for the scheduled tours on weekdays only.

Bob will lead a tour of the farm which will last approximately one and a half hours.  Canopy tents will be set up for after tour relaxation, lunch,  or more discussion.  We will provide bottled cold water and you are welcome to bring your own lunch. 

For the complete tour there will be a charge of $15 per person, with a minimum of 10 people or $150. 

Please communicate by email to

Wollam Gardens
a flower destination
Bethesda Garden Club summer 2011